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Ormus Magnetic Trap  


Ormus can be found all around us and making it or more correctly capturing it can be done with the use of an ormus magnetic trap.  


A fairly simple but effective design that utilizes some of the properties found within ormus itself. One place to look at when capturing ormus is water and it's here where the ormus magnetic trap can do its work.

To get a much better results higher quality water can be used preferably natural spring water or more natural sources with a naturally higher mineral content, over say average city tap water which has been filtered repeatedly.  


Ormus can still be captured through any types of water however. The ormus content can be filtered through the use of a magnetic field by running water past a series of magnets.

Due to the elements within ormus acting as a superconductor.  


When a superconductive material and magnet come into close proximity this allows the slight penetration of a magnetic field allowing levitation to occur. 

By flowing water through an ormus magnetic trap the ormus from the ormus water can be trapped and filtered out creating water with a high ormus content and allowing the rest of the lowered ormus content water flowing to the waste section.  



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